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You will it

A prayer

One possible response

Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego

Losing control

So good

No matter what

Not forgotten

I have nothing


Will I?

The ants: From dire circumstance to shouts of joy


Power and wisdom

How I am

Take me back

Can't touch my soul

Only one call

Job 23

Who do YOU think you are?

What's keeping you from being alive in me?

a chance

The feelings of hell, the feelings of heaven

A breath prayer

Home with you

All your ways

Without love

A marriage of gifts and call

Beauty in the faces

The homeless man

You called it

A broken, not a proud spirituality

Let the ministers weep (There is something in the distance)

Let You

It is counter-cultural to love God more than others

Sleep in the storm

Fasting, weeping and mourning - Redefined!