Let You

Let You
by Joel Howard

"I wanna die and let You give Your life to me, so I might live
And share the hope You gave to me, the love that set me free"
 - Keith Green, Make my life a prayer to You

I am pondering
The only way I can let God have control of my family, friends and future
The only way I can die and "let God"
The only way I can surrender
The only way I can truly love God

What is death to self? 
What is true death to self? 

When I see millions flee their country to seek refuge in another country
When I hear stories about the losses of so many others
Women, children and men alike
When I hear stories of people in pain
How can I reconcile that with my life today? 

When I'm in a conversation with a loved one
When my daughter whines, complains and flips out
When my son can't sleep at night
When I feel inner pain and loss myself

What does it look like to let you give me life? 
What does it look like to lift my eyes then? 

Less of me
Less of me now
Less of me in my world
Less of me in my family
Less of me in my community

And I find that the one thing standing in the way 
Of God using me to change my world
Is myself

More of you
and less of me 
was John's prayer

Surrendering doesn't just mean 
more of you
Giving up and surrendering also means
less of me

"Dying" for me right now means seeing all and not controling - seing most and not controlling, hearing and not stepping in. Surrendering.

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