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Joel at M Sound studios, Philadelphia, 2017

Joel has written music for over 25 years and has published more than 2,500 poems and songs to date.  Stemming from his own life with God, Joel writes about pain, suffering and perseverance, his songs being an encouragement to all to continue on life's journey.  

In 2004, Joel released Vows in the Night: Live from The Cry, which was recorded live at a prayer event at Houghton College, New York.  In 2005, Joel released Come Let us Sing, which was recorded especially for a worship conference in Vineland, New Jersey.  Both of these full length albums are free for streaming here at C&U.  In 2007, Joel's song No Waste At All was included in the Houghton College chapel hymnal. Growing up, Joel played in the band 10 Fingers Counting whose album can be found here.

In 2010, Joel released his first full-length studio album, Here's to the Journey, a self-published title recorded in Scranton, PA and available on all online platforms.  In 2017, Joel recorded two singles, Today and Diligence, in Philadelphia, PA, for a parenting conference where he and Sophia led worship.  

In 2021, Joel released a theme song for HOPE (Houses of Prayer Everywhere) which can be found at their Facebook page.  Find out more here. Also in 2021, Joel released Shepherd Songs, which was his second full length studio album and is available everywhere. He also released a full meditation on the book of Habakkuk

In 2022 (as well as in 2021) Joel was nominated for the Kindred Awards under the category of Male Contemporary Artist, and 2022 Best Scripture Song (Awake: Isaiah 52). Click here to find out more.  In November of 2022, Joel's song, "Long Walk", was featured in The Sounds of Cumberland County music compilation, available in physical and free download format. 

In 2023, Joel released "Here we come" - his 3rd full-length album, available everywhere; as well as a never-before heard collection of music entitled [2008]. Joel was again nominated for the Kindred Music Awards in 2023. Follow the story here. Also in 2023, Joel released his music album: The Psalms Volume 1 which consists of Psalms 1 through 30 put to music word for word. The Psalms Volume 4 [Psalms 91-120] is also available for streaming exclusively at his YouTube channel. 

In June of 2023, Joel released his album Brave Heart Brave Soul on all music platforms. Joel also collaborated with Word for Word Ministries to translate and publish a Spanish version of Colossians 3:16-17 by J David Newquist. Read more here. In September of 2023, Joel released "HOLY CITY", a new 21-song album.  Towards the end of 2023, Joel released two additional albums: "Patient Endurance" and "The Scroll". 

In January of 2024, Joel released his new single, BE STILL, available wherever music is sold or streamed. Be Still is also featured on his album, Morning Light, which Joel also released in January of 2024. In February of 2024, Joel was nominated for the 2024 Kindred Music Awards under the category of Acoustic/Folk/Storyteller.  Read more here. Joel released his tenth full-length music album, SAFE, in February of 2024. 

In 2024, Joel collaborated with David Newquist, creator of The Bible Song, to record an English and Spanish version of Newquist's song, Romans Road To Salvation, which is now available here. In April of 2024, Joel released his 11th full-length music album entitled THE VALLEY, available everywhere music is sold or streamed. Watch to the trailer here. Stream many of Joel's Bible songs on Spotify here

To hear more from Joel, visit his music page on AmazonSpotifyApple Music, ReverbNation and YouTube.  

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