The Psalms, Vol. 4 [Psalms 91-120] | Joel Howard

Listen to The Psalms, Vol. 4 [Psalms 91-120] by Joel Howard:
Joel's second complete collection of Psalms scripture songs is now available exclusively at his YouTube channel


Praise for The Psalms, Vol. 1 by Joel Howard: 

"The Psalms often give me the words to pray when I can't formulate the words on my own. Now, with Joel's worship album, I can not only pray the Psalms, I can sing them and meditate on them in a new way. I highly encourage you to make this album part of your daily worship." 
~ Jon Mitchell | Growth Director
College of Prayer International & Revival Now Media

"When I was a kid, I grew up listening to Psalty, The Agapeland Singers, Steve Green, The Donut Man and other amazing singers and songwriters who made the Bible come alive through music. They all had an uncanny way of incorporating scripture in such a clever way that it stuck in my brain and even to this day, I can recall verbatim the many lyrics of their songs. Sadly, the art of scripture song writing has become a dying art. That is why I am extremely encouraged by the music and ministry of Joel Howard. Joel has an uncanny gift for taking scripture and putting it beautifully to music. These songs will fill your heart with joy, will provide you encouragement and help you to see the scripture in a whole new way. If you’ve struggled in the past with the idea of reading scripture, why not try listening to it instead? I highly recommend this CD and encourage you to check out Joel’s other music projects as well. One listen and you’ll be hooked."

~ Tim Ewing | Author, Founder |

"Joel Howard’s The Psalms Volume 1 is a creative collection of the first 30 Psalms. Listening to it reminded me of a favorite artist from a decade ago named Shane Barnard. More importantly, I felt like I was hearing the conviction and honesty of David as he sang his heart to the Lord in the fields of shepherding. Joel has been gifted by the Lord in his guitar playing to bring a fresh sound to each of these Psalms. As a scripture songwriter myself, I was surprised that all 30 songs could have such a unique angle, different from the others. This is the kind of music that I would “soak” to, which for me means sitting before the Lord and asking His Holy Spirit to pour out on me. I believe that his songs open the door for the Spirit to flow over the listeners. May you be blessed as you receive this ministry!"

~ Rob Jacobson |

"We highly recommend this album as an excellent tool and resource to intentionally meditate on Scripture and a great way to memorize it."
~ Javier & Monica Larrea
Directors | ABBA Ministries 

"Much like reading the Bible in various translations, this album from Joel Howard allows us to view familiar passages with fresh eyes. Each track is based on the actual text of a psalm, with modern acoustic guitar accompaniment. This strikes me as a wonderful way to internalize or memorize entire portions of scripture. These songs could easily be used in private or corporate worship."
~ Rev. James B. Rudd | Pastor, Author
True Vine Church Community, Philadelphia

"I have known Joel Howard ever since he was a youth and over the years it has been my pleasure to listen to and enjoy his worship music. Whenever he would make a new CD I would make every attempt to add it to my collection of music, for I think he is a gifted musician and songwriter. Now to take the Word of God and make it into songs, that will move worship music to a whole new level of music. Think about it, a song can inspire a thought or you to remember a time in your life. How many songs do you remember, and then how many Bible verses do you remember? The blending of music and the Bible will increase your ability to recall what God has told us in the Word."
~ Rich W.

"It’s evident when Joel sings that he has a passion for God. All of his songs are a reminder for us to not only enjoy God's glory but also to invite others and, especially those who don’t know God, to do the same. Through his music he has reminded me that God is always close, hears everything that’s in my heart and is my real shepherd. God has gifted Joel with a calm, yet powerful voice to sing and share his word. The Psalms, Vol. 1 is a must for anyone wanting to hear and praise the Lord, from the first song to the end."
~ Cesar P.

"Joel Howard’s Psalms Volume 1 is a tender and calming rendition of the scriptures which displays 25+ years of struggle with an unresolved nakedness. This collection of peaceful lamentations leaves you no choice but to let go and let God. If you are looking for a cheery jingle to help you forget your problems, look elsewhere. This project will shepherd you as you seek to face your problems with diligent bravery in the Lord. Hit play, let go and let Joel minister to your spirit today."
~ JJ Beauvais | Recording Artist |

Listen to The Psalms, Vol. 1  [Psalms 1-30]:

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