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The Beatitudes :: a meditation

New Book :: I will bring the wind by Joel Howard

Pain is not forever // Joel Howard

how can I?

over time

new direction

Everything [a quote]

art can save us [featured quote]

return as a Child

return as a Bride

How to stand :: Featured Blog Post from

I will bring the wind [read-aloud] //Joel Howard

I will bring the wind

HE IS // official lyric video // joel howard

what if you're rich?

the storm

hope is a verb :: joel howard

hope is a verb

Revival Now Livestream: Psalm 42

HOPE IN GOD (Psalm 42) // Joel Howard

Put on Christ


Walk with me

My trials I'll forget


the Laboring Intercessor

where can i go // official audio // Joel Howard

ALIVE // official music video // joel howard

A leader is a witness

Guilt is not bad news

hiding // Joel Howard

Anatomy + Remedy of a Father Wound

Provide for us // official lyric video // Joel Howard

Revival Now Livestream: Psalm 46; November 2, 2022