Anatomy + Remedy of a Father Wound

Anatomy + Remedy of a Father Wound
by Joel Howard

A Father Wounds with distance
A Father Wounds with control
A Leader Wounds with prestige
A Leader Wounds with promotion
A Shepherd Wounds with fear
A Shepherd Wounds with inward motives
A Pastor Wounds by removing relationship
A Pastor Wounds by seeing not the flock
But in his heart he longs for
Something that he has not

A candidate for this wounding
A person who qualifies must
Never be real, always pretending
Must shelter his joys deep inside
The one who would inflict this damage
Must cry deep inside but not out
Hiding the fear of the Abandoned
Hurting instead those he loves

I saw in a dream a family
I saw there a father far-off
And all noticed all his pretending
Yes all sought to make him return
And in my attempt to command him
To come and love those he loves
I yelled down, instead at the ones who
I ought to love, whom I love

Yes this is the wound of a Father
This, of a Mother, her wound
This of a Leader, a Pastor
This of a Statesman, a Boss
The wound having nothing to do with
People, but instead building walls
Building a steeple of protection
Protecting yourself, you the Boss

It is productive, is it not?
Yet, worse, it is counter indeed
Tearing down and defeating
Those we were called now to lead
Fear is the friend of the leader
Slave and task-master of all
Who with their eyes looking inward
Feed not the lambs, but themselves

Horror of horrors
Shrieks lone worse
Never has scary been scarier
Than those who have this wound
It's what we all fear, we all run from
Only to do what they do
For with our own wounds we would wound those
Whom God has given us to

O what a crisis, pandemic
Of Leaders who lead for themselves
Cannot stand the thought of 
Unveiling their poverty to
The children, the lambs who
Like wet cement are just setting
Like frail paint, are now painting

Jesus looks just like the Father
The exact imprint of his soul
We, as Christians must be like him
Imitate God on our own
So with our children, we recreate
Ourselves in them, my friend
Want to avoid all wounding?
Look like the One you'd commend

Defeat distance with closeness
Dishonesty with Truth
Tell God the truth and do daily
Pour out your all to him, you
For O Child, he accepts you
For, O Leader, he does
Willingly pay for your faultings 
Willingly cover your sins

I saw a child, she was screaming
Utter alone, and afraid
For she had just been the victim
Of my attempt to contend
With the father who hurt me
By walking out instead
Of letting his loved ones into who
He always tried then to hide

O Father I cry
O Jesus I pray
Remedy this sickness today!
Turn hearts to the Father
Turn Fathers to sons!
To Mothers and Daughters
The same, be it done!

I cannot ask for another
I cannot say there is more
If this be the pill, the concoction
I know there need not be more!
The blood, O the lifeblood of Christ
The spilt out blood and broken bread
Of Christ who was sent from the Father
To all this mess undo

This the redemption we crave now
Neither you nor I can amend
For though we try to undo it
We only perpetuate, further send
God, be our Savior
Jesus, our Friend
Cover our weakness
Bring us again

Beholding is life
Seeing God is grace
We cannot give
What we have not in place
Cannot fill one empty jar to the next
Can't skip over our emptiness to fill "them"
Fill me then Jesus
Have me O God

Touch me O Father
You are enough!
I crave you Jesus
And that is no problem
The problem is gluttony of spirit
"I'm good, you got a problem!?"
Sanctify pride and rebellion
Cast out the devil's mood:

Cast out this bleak attitude
Cast out this my way or highway 
Cast out this hell-bound intention
Cast out this serpent reaction
Cast out this empty affection
Cursed intention
Forbidden infection
Graceless contraction

Glean from the Maker
Glean from the Full
Glean from the Master
Glean, child, it All
Glean and be satisfied
Like a river come do
What all passages do: 
Give, then come to
The Source again, again

Undying Life
Evermore True
This would you find
If my Savior have you
Have you a wound
Have you this sickness?
God is the remedy
Christ is the defense
Come, have a seat
In Physician's offices

Great peace will you have
If you study now Him
Great victory, friend
So now, come have Him!
Be bathed in the Remedy
Now, for eternity
You've found the One Thing!
Jesus, our Everything!
Jesus - our remedy!

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