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The Psalms Volume 1

The Psalms Volume 1 ~ music album

The Psalms Volume 1  [Psalms 1-30] by Joel Howard       For over 25 years, Joel has been singing the Psalms. Now for the first time, you can access Psalms 1 through 30 by Joel Howard wherever online music is sold or streamed.  Available now on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music and more ~ Here is what some people are saying about The Psalms Volume 1 by Joel Howard: "The Psalms often give me the words to pray when I can't formulate the words on my own. Now, with Joel's worship album, I can not only pray the Psalms, I can sing them and meditate on them in a new way. I highly encourage you to make this album part of your daily worship."  ~ Jon Mitchell | Growth Director College of Prayer International &  Revival Now Media "When I was a kid, I grew up listening to Psalty, The Agapeland Singers, Steve Green, The Donut Man and other amazing singers and songwriters who made the Bible come alive through music. They all had an uncanny way of incorporating scripture i

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