the art of Joel Howard
Joel Howard painting at a live concert in Wildwood, NJ, USA, 2011. 
Photo credit: Bradley Lanphear. 

In addition to writing poetry, stories and songs, Joel Howard has been painting and drawing since childhood. His paintings have been featured and sold in art shows throughout the South Jersey region. In 2010 and 2011, Joel was invited to various concerts and events to paint live on stage during acts such as Building 429, Beckah Shae, Addison Road, and more. Influenced by abstract impressionists such as Wassily Kandinsky, Joel has used color and form in painting to convey the same themes as his songs and poems explore; such as sorrow, lament, praise and prayer. His paintings and sketches have been featured in many of his books, CD's as well as lyric and music videos.

Joel painting at a festival, 2011

Please enjoy his collected galleries here at C&U as well as the featured art below.

"Lion Study" Mixed Media on Paper, 2022, by Joel Howard

"When to be still" watercolor on paper, 2024, by Joel Howard

"Grace for the journey" watercolor on paper, 2023, by Joel Howard

Bride and groom, pencil on watercolor paper, 2022

the Cross, pen on paper, 1-2023

the Laboring Intercessor IV, pen and ink, 2022

"Tear of God" Acrylic on Canvas, 2011 by Joel Howard

"Untitled" watercolor on acid free paper 2011 by Joel Howard

Clip of oil painting, "Untitled" featured on cover of Prayers: Anthology of Poetry, 2019 by Joel Howard

"Walking home", oil on canvas; featured in The Prodigal Chronicles by Joel Howard

"Coming soon", mixed media on paper by Joel Howard, 2020

Joel's first 3 paperback titles, featuring his artwork on the covers

"Grief" mixed media on paper, by Joel Howard, 2016, also featured on School of Suffering cover.

"Mi hija", mixed media on acid free paper, by Joel and Alathea Howard, 2020

Clip of "Self Portrait", by Joel Howard, oil on canvas, 2002

"Bloom" by Joel Howard, marker on paper, 2011

"Hijo esperando" crayon on paper, by Joel Howard, 2021

"Self portrait", 2002, oil on canvas

"Untitled" 2009, oil on canvas

"Traveling", 2016, oil on canvas

"Daddy date", 2021, pencil on paper

"From His wounds", 2022, pen on paper

"Noah's boat" (clip), 2022, mixed media on paper

View more of Joel's artwork here

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