I will bring the wind

I will bring the wind
by Joel Howard

It's my job to spread my wings
I am the bird
like an eagle, sing
"O my bird, just spread your wings
And I will bring the wind"

Noah was made to build the boat
Not to try and make it float
To count animal heads and build beds
"O my friend, just build the boat
And I will bring the rain"

Mary's job was to bear the Son
How can I? 
Life has just begun!
"Chosen and beloved one
Just say yes, I will do the rest
Just your faithful trust confess"

Joseph left his father's sons
Sent to jail
Forgotten, undone
"Servant, you soon prince will be
Just abandon all and follow me!"

John and Peter
Each their own
What about him! Of the other said one
"Who made you the judge? You see
You must follow, though I lead you differently"

Spread your wings
Build your boat
Just say yes
I'll do the rest

Lift your eyes
Lay pride down
Spread your wings 
Follow me
Spread your wings
I will bring the wind!

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