New Book :: I will bring the wind by Joel Howard

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In I will bring the wind, Joel Howard, author of Be a Tree, and 5 other poetry books, takes readers on a journey into our limits and the beauty of trusting God. Journeying through the lives of biblical faith figures such as Mary, Noah, Joseph and more, the poem and photographs allow readers to reflect on their own limits and regain strength to trust God for the rest.

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Joel Howard resides in New Jersey, USA with his wife and three children, where he works as a teacher in the public schools. For years, Joel has led worship next to his wife, Sophia, and enjoys teaching his children to love and follow God.

For more of Joel's music, art and poetry, visit where you will find over 1,500 songs, poems and more for your personal edification and encouragement. To contact Joel, visit his site or write him at You may also subscribe to his work at,,, or

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