new direction

new direction
by Joel Howard

A long time ago
In a land far away
I got sent
In a new direction

I should have been lost
I could have been gone
I might have not made it
To this new direction

My life, it had stopped
My tears, they came out
My fears, became real
As I stood in that place

O how I remember
As I sat there
Stuck in a place
Counting all my past

My life stood still
My past stood still
My hands were filled
With silent questions

I can't let go
I can't contain
How all had been
Was now forgotten

This new direction
This new direction
I live in the place
Which here had sent me

I could have been lost
I could have been gone
I should have been gone
But God forgave me

If I can live
That moment on
In all I do
And see and feel

If I can help 
A generation
And theirs the same
To steward pain

If I can hope
For one who can't
If I can say
For one who can't

If I can walk 
In anothers' stead
If I can wake
A giant sleeping

O let me be
O let me be
A catalyst
For new directions

God, let me speak
God, let me sing
God, let me paint
So others can bring

Their own past hurts
Their own past pain
Their all, to gain
A new direction

Jesus, would you
Come in me through
My days and months
And weeks now capture

I'm stuck in that place
I'm stuck in that space
Where all came to
A new direction

My pain, I speak
My shame, release
My eyes now see
A new direction

Jesus, come to me
O God work through me
Bring me into
This new direction

I do maintain
And say again
How I became
A new creation

Jesus in me
And constantly
Beckons me

I can't explain
In one, but then
If all my life
Could be the reason

My days and weeks
And moments speak
For all to see
This new direction

Amen o God
Creator, come
Find now your home
In me, Amen

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