A leader is a witness

A leader is a witness
by Joel Howard

"Behold I made him a witness to the peoples, 
a leader and commander for the peoples." - Isaiah 55:4 (ESV)

A leader bears witness
I dreamed of this:
I dreamed of my first time preaching
One day, it could be
I saw in the Spirit
A cloud of rain full of revival
God intended to come pour out
I stood at the podium
Fumbling, undone
But the important was not my words
Of eloquence and excellence
But the bearing of witness
To the Spirit who, desirous 
Would eagerly give us
Rain to undo us
Fill us, renew us
If God in me would have
A simple, pure witness:
"This is what God does!"
I stood there, admitting
God - is here, desiring
Will you receive him?

Leaders don't make things
Don't recreate things
Leaders, once standing
Hearing His commanding
Then are witnessing
Confessing, Him-pointing
Granting all chances
To hear what God wills
Make me this leader
A seer, confirmer
Gazer, beholder
Then publisher, teller
Messenger to her
Whom God has betrothed to 
I? a witness
Of God's constant bigness
I? just a witness
Him? He first in this

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