Come, let us sing (2005) full album by Joel Howard

Track list: 1. Come, let us sing 0:00 2. You alone are holy 4:00 3. Come let us go up to Zion 8:24 4. Following me 12:16 5. No waste at all 15:43 6. You see me as lovely 22:22 7. Be blessed forever 26:43 8. Hidden with Christ in God 31:18 9. Return 35:26 10. Your thoughts 39:45 11. Day and night 44:10 12. Take me deeper 49:15 13. In You 53:18 All songs written and recorded by Joel Howard. Copyright 2005 - All rights reserved. This album was recorded in Vineland, New Jersey, USA in the summer of 2005. All vocals and instruments by Joel Howard except for drums on track 2 and 13 (and maybe one or two others) which were played by Josiah Howard. Produced and mixed by Frank Bellone Jr. and Joel Howard. For a copy of this album, write or visit where Joel posts songs and poetry regularly! Cover art by Joel Howard, 2002 - original oil on canvas self-portrait. Many of these songs were later recorded professionally on Joel's studio albums or on his You Tube page. Find out more by visiting the "songs" tab on his site above.

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