Who do YOU think you are?

Who do YOU think you are? 
by Joel Howard

Condemnation's voice is subtle
But I feel it one hundred percent
"Who do you think you are, child? 
Where do you think you're going?" 

As I sit in the arms of Jesus
As I walk with my Heavenly Friend
Satan quietly taunts me, 
"Where do you think you've been?" 

Whispers at night
Whispers in day
Whispers through passers by
Whispers of terror
Whispers of fright
Satan would have his own way

"Agh!" I can here him crying out now
As I quietly walk away
"Joel, you were my prize, 
my partner in life!" 
I hear my accuser say

So useful to him, those demons thought me
Only because they brought me down
And used me to be a dumping-ground

For what act of integrity are you pinning me down? 
For what obedient act do you accuse me? 
Are you jealous, demons, of who God has made me? 
Are you still trying to pull me low-down? 

So I sit in the quiet, I sit in the day
I rejoice in the creation of His hands
I isolate for an hour, I sit and I wait
Thankful to be His again

Do you remember the path I have led you on, son?
Jesus says to me true
Do you remember the milestones, the journeys we've walked? 
Do you remember them, each one? 

Yes, I remember, dear Father, 
I remember, Christ Son
I remember them Spirit Divine
You captivated my young little heart
And thrill me now decades now gone

I don't have to answer you, Satan my foe
I don't have to give you reply
You know who I am, I am God's son
Adopted, cherished and prized

The question is, who do YOU think you are
To be taunting me so? 
Your failure is pending and real
In hell you'll reside by all sinners' side
With demons forever you'll burn

Who do YOU think you are to be taunting me so? 
I who am a lamb in God's arms!
I who am carefully, wonderfully made
I who He is prepared to lead!

Who do YOU think you are?
Is the question I return
To you, devils and ogres a million!
Be silent, get behind me
Leave my family alone
We are not in your territory

Who do YOU think you are? 
Satan, savior of none
Captor of all the whole world
You may have many souls
In your portfolio
But me and mine, you can have none!

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