Beauty in the faces

Beauty in the faces
by Joel Howard

I see beauty in the faces
Beauty in these places
Where before I judged
And was blinded by my own lenses
Was once blinded by my own perception
I once saw my family
As a hindrance to being me
I once saw passers by
As obstacles to my own life
I once saw the homeless man
The overweight man
The confused man
As more reasons to doubt who I am
I once saw friends as ones
To compare myself to
Instead of in them seeing
The beauty in You
Before I judge the world
Let me love the world
Before I hate the world
Before I degrade the world
Before I glance past
My brothers and sisters
Let me stoop to know
Their need
Open my palms to feed them
Know that I am just like them
Know that I am sent to them
Know that it is I who need them
My brothers, my brothers
My sisters, my sisters
Old and babes
Sorrowful or well
Let me know them
And know them well
Slow me down, 
Father in heaven
To see that I am with them
In this world as them
So You became one of us
Let me see Your beauty 
among us

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