The feelings of hell, the feelings of heaven

The feelings of hell, the feelings of heaven
by Joel Howard

Wondered what you feel in hell? 
That you are an astonishment
A waste, something to be mocked
A byword, an object of talk from others
An object of dismay, a consternation
Filled with anxiety and horror non-stop
at something unexpected
Full of distresses, disquieted, 
In alarm constantly, panic unending and uncontrolled
Feeling like a satire, An object of remark

The feelings of heaven are the opposite; 
That you are beloved, secure
That you are worthwhile, someone to be praised
Having a name, belonging and not questioned by others
Wonderfully made, eternally satisfied
Full of joy and rest forever
set upon streets of gold and a good foundation
Not worried about anything, able to stop constantly
Calm, well-fed, and not surprised, only amazed by 
the goodness of God the Father and Christ the Son
Feeling like you are a part of a grand story 
written by God himself
An object of God's compassion, grace and everlasting affection in Christ Jesus

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