The ants: From dire circumstance to shouts of joy

The ants: From dire circumstance to shouts of joy

Savanna, my oldest daughter loves treats. We got her a free water from Starbucks - it was a venti water! So big and she loved it.  Needless to say and without fail, she dropped it on our front porch as soon as we got home - it spilled everywhere and she threw a huge fit, stomping over the ground and grunting in the pain of her soul - and in agony :)

After a time out, I took her back outside to where she had spilled the water.  We sat down and I held her close.  We looked over at the puddle of water next to us and I noticed two ants crawling near the water puddle.  Immediately I remembered the blessing that can come from our seasons or moments of the worst pain.  

"Savanna," I said, "Do you know what those ants are doing?" 

"What?" she looked at me.

I answered, "They are celebrating and shouting 'Yay Savanna! Yaay! Thank's for dropping the water! Now we can play with the water and drink it! Quick, lets go get our family and bring them back!'" 

She stared at me longingly at the idea of hope coming from this dire situation and I explained to her that even our biggest and worst mistakes are a place where God can turn it into something good.  

I said, "Even your spilled water was an answer to prayer for a family of ants - they are so thankful for it and are not stomping the ground in anger, but are dancing and shouting for joy!! Do you see what a blessing even your mistake was to them - to so many, Savanna?" 

She smiled and we hugged and prayed about that to God.  Then we went and apologized to momma for making such a big deal about the mistake and disobeying by complaining.  

This is a memory I will not forget.  In many ways I am in a season of "complaining" about my own spilled treat.  It feels like my own shortcomings are a curse on the world and I often want to stamp on the ground and grunt for hatred of self and of others and of life.  

Tonight God is reminding me that my imperfections are designed by God just as much as my strengths are.  My spilled water is going to become an oasis for an army of ants!!

J Howard

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