CREATOR | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

Kick off your shoes you are standing on holy ground Shake off the dust and the devil and dance around Make a happy noise unto your Creator Wave like the branches dance like the leaves Look at the rocks can you shout more than these? Bring all you've got unto your Creator Laugh if you want I'll get louder I'm begging for the walls to come down For the famine to cease Clap if you agree and sing a new song Until the groan of our heart and creation's agree I'm missing more of you missing less of me The pieces of my heart need to be redeemed Into the image of my Creator The fear of my enemy and fear of my friends Has replaced the fear of You again I need to return to my Creator Lord we're coming back to where we once were Shouting for the walls to come down For the famine to cease Lord must you show up in a fire In order for us to agree and our hearts to sing... Hallelujah, I give it all Halleluiah! You're giving us initiative Grace to cry out to God You're giving me initiative Hallelujah! From the album THE VALLEY, VOL. 3, available now on: Spotify: Amazon: Apple: YouTube: Find out more: THE VALLEY collection: Song by Joel Howard Copyright 2009-24. All rights reserved. Recorded in 2009. Find more from Joel at or write to sign up for daily encouragement!

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