Christ is the criteria

Christ is the criteria
Joel Howard

It's a matter
of death and life
This the valley
The prophet cries:
"Sinner, will you live or die?"
Christ is the criteria

This the measure
This the guide
What will you have
Done with Christ?
Call him crazy
Or accept his life
Christ is the criteria

There's a window
Short, of time
Within which each
One must decide
How will heaven
Measure your life?
"What, son, did you
Do with Christ?"

Not much else
Not much else
Withstands the tide
Embrace Him, then
And keep alive
Christ is the criteria

On whose team
On whose side
Will you now
and then reside?
There's only two
And only one stride
The narrow,
The criteria: Christ

Far from fame
Far from gluttony
Fare from lust
Far from fantasy
Christ the real
Requires suffering
"So, now," he says
"What will you do with me?"

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