He writes in the dust

He writes in the dust
Joel Howard
[see the story of the woman caught in the act of adultery, John 8]

When Jesus bent down
And wrote in the dust
Was it because
He was remembering us?

For from dust we came
And to dust we'll go
Is this why he was
Pondering so?

Adulteress woman
Caught in the affair
Emboldened men
Accusing there

Raising stones
Ready to throw
But You knelt down
And now I know

You saw the woman
In context, where
She began
You wrote down there

Adam was formed
From the dust
You breathed in him
You breathe in us

9 months You knit
9 months You form
9 months You know
Each one in the womb

You formed her too
This woman here
So in kneeling down
You checked her origins

This woman was not
Defined by You
As "sinner"
But as "beloved" too

This changes everything
It changed it for her
As one by one
Her accusers, deterred

By grace,
Could not upend her life
By grace,
Who would pay the price

For Jesus,
Hanging on the tree
Died for you
Died for me

Died for all
For all eternity
That is why
We are free

So you know
Next time you sin
Or if your guilt ne're
seems to end:

Jesus writes 
In sand for you
Remembers where
He formed you

And says to you
"My child, my love
Go, sin no more"
He says to us

"I formed you
Love, I chose
You when

Your eyes were closed
Before you saw
I gave you sight"
He thinks of this
And writes each time

You sin
I sin
He writes again
In dust
A new story
That will never end

Receive His grace
Receive, again
Receive the Son
His love, my friend

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