The Loud Don't Always Win | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

When in doubt, don't call out Don't raise a shout, but pray When in need, bend your knees Striving ceased, pray The loud, the loud Do not always win Not always win, my child The weak, when he Calls unto him Calls unto him in faith Will not be forgotten For the loud don't always win You know, you know the call of the woman The woman of folly She calls, she calls, but have you forgotten? She is not the only one calling Stay away from the woman of folly And from the adulterous one Stay away from the woman whose greedy Words will make you a dead one From the album SAFE by Joel Howard Available now wherever music is sold or streamed Download + Listen on: YouTube Music: Amazon Music: Spotify: Apple Music: Read more here: Find out about Joel's music here: Copyright 2020-24 by Joel Howard - All rights reserved. Song recorded in 2021. Photo used by permission. Find more from Joel at

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