My Great Reward | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

I have found Your love to be sweeter far above all things Fire blazing in Your eyes - Ever captivating mine Desire of Nations You are the desire of my heart This lovesick heart longs just... To hear Your voice -To feel Your touch Smell Your fragrance - has become all I want To see Your face -To taste Your love To know You, Jesus - has become my great reward My heart leaps for joy and burns at the thought of Your return So I will follow where You go Gazing, leaning 'til You take me home Your love sustains me even through darkest nights I'll climb the mountains with You just... I believe You're the one I was made for Jesus, You know You've stolen my heart away Open my eyes Let Your fire burn inside Take me to the place where You are I'll run, I'll fly I'll live, I'll die I'll dance, I'll sing All for my Bridegroom King I'll walk, I'll climb I'll starve, I'll dine As long as I'm with You, I lack no good thing In want or plenty Well-fed or hungry In fame or loneliness, Your love is all my strength So come north and south winds blow Blessing and hardship, Oh This is Your garden Come in and taste its fruit Let its fragrance spread abroad This is Your garden Come in and taste its fruit Let Your fragrance spread abroad! I'm Yours! You’ll hear my love songs even through darkest nights I’ll climb the mountains with You and You will... Hear my voice Feel my touch Smell my fragrance Anything You want, Lord Jesus See my face Taste my love Know me, Jesus I know I have won Your heart... Copyright 2005-24 by Joel Howard. All rights reserved. Video footage used by permission. Visit for more from Joel's archive of poetry, music and art! Email to sign up for regular releases and updates.

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