JUST TO BE WITH YOU [album version] | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

I would walk right through the darkness I would travel through the emptiness Just to be with you I would travel through the hard times I would fight right on the front lines Just to be with you I know you have a lot to say But you're driving me crazy with your silly games I know you've been through it And I have too Stop trying to make something of yourself if you can't And you can't Take me to the place where you want me to be And I'll tell you what you want of me Intimacy... From the album SAFE [2024] by Joel Howard Available now wherever music is sold or streamed Copyright 2010-24 by Joel Howard - All rights reserved. Recorded in Newfield, NJ by Joel Howard in 2010. Lyric video by Joel Howard 2021. Photo used by permission. Find more from Joel at https://www.connectedanduseful.com

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