INTIMACY | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

How I long to be in the arms of my Father Just to rest in the shadow of his wings How my heart longs for intimacy With the One who made me And who wants that so much more than me My Father, I'm tired But here I stop to meet with You I feel I'm trying but nothing happens As I seek to please You and earn Your love But I hear You say to me With Your arms open wide "My child, you're always with me And all I have is yours Its all yours! Won't you let me pour my grace over you? My child, my friend The one I love, the one I seek The one with whom I long to be..." Hear the Lord sing over you You precious child! See the father run to meet you  And hold you as you are Touch the beauty of the face of Jesus Taste the love of the water he pours over you Smell the fragrance of the robe of righteousness He wraps around you And rest in the Lord... From the album SHEPHERD SONGS by Joel Howard Download and stream at Apple Music: Spotify: Amazon Music: YouTube Music: Read more here: Background vocals by Sophia Howard. Copyright 2002-2024 by Joel Howard. All rights reserved. Video footage used by permission. Find more from Joel at

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