Never Let Me Down | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

In the darkest night of my soul In the deepest valley of my life I will not be turned aside You are for me! Though I’m walking through valley of the shadow of death I will not fear any evil Cuz You'll never leave me! You'll never leave me! You will not fail me now! You'll never leave me! You will never let me down! I have chosen the one good thing I have picked the best prize It will never be taken from me You are my one desire Though the pressures against my life Never seem to recede I will never be turned away And I know You’ll never leave And I love You - Blessed are those who hunger after Your righteousness It is they who are very rich in faith Blessed are those who, meek, resist The chaos of the day And who love You Copyright 2024 by Joel Howard. All rights reserved. Video footage used by permission. Find more from Joel at

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