What our praise does

What our praise does
a meditation on Psalm 149

When we praise
When we sing
Drop everything
and sing

Sing in public
Sing out there
Sing in private
on your bed

Oh! do you know
what your praise does?
Do you know what
your praise does!?

When you dance
When we love God
Sing a new song
In His presence

With His people
Or in private
In our secret rooms
Do you know what praise does?

You see:
All God said He will do
He does through me
He does through you

When we employ song
When we sing a new one
When we out loud
And in our still hearts

When we employ shouts
When we exult
Do we know
Do we know what praise does?

Those who are out of line
Countries, a million

Our song is a sword
Our glory, our crown is
To sing to Him
and so execute them

Who? The people deserving
The enemies of the Lamb
All God's foes

God knows:
We are those
Whose honor is
To sing and rule

To sing and judge
To bind up kings
To bind up the evil
To bind up the wicked

By singing?
God loves me!

Why? God loves me
This is our honor!
This is our glory!
This is our place:

To give Him praise
And so put the enemy
In his place
All of our days

Grab a song
Grab a sword
Sharp as light
Beautiful sight:

We are the bearers
of bad news
To all those who
Hate His Love

We glory in Him
and so begin
The judgement 'fore
His coming

The soundtrack to 
His glorious comeback
We are on track
When we 

Lift a cry!
Sing a new song!
Music? This is why!
This is why!

The case for music
The case for praise
The case for worship leaders
Always, always

Our praise does
What the rest can't do
Our praise does
What God wants it to

What God wants us to
This is our honor
A love-note from God
His request, his love

This is why
This is how
This is where
This is when

Praise Him
Praise Him
Praise Him again
And again

You are a God-friend
O singer
Sing again
O singer, sing again!

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