Let Us Rend Our Hearts | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

Raise up the trumpet blowers Set the watchmen on the walls For the day of the LORD is coming It's close at hand Now is the time for the alarm to sound This is the Day when Your Spirit is poured out O people hear when the watchmen cry aloud! Come, let us go up to Zion To the LORD our God Even now, with all of our hearts Come let us press on to see Him The Bright Morning Star Let us rend our hearts! For the LORD has loved us with an everlasting love He'll give us more than we could want If only we would turn to Him Let us turn Let us turn To the LORD For the LORD is gracious, compassionate And slow to anger And abounding in love And He relents from sending calamity Let us rend our hearts! Copyright 2005-2023 by Joel Howard. All rights reserved. Recorded in Vineland, NJ, USA in 2005. Find more from Joel Howard at https://www.connectedanduseful.com

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