This is the blessing

This is the blessing
Joel Howard

The blessing is in the traveling
In the going out
In the coming forth
The blessing is in knowing You, LORD

This is the blessing
The blessing is in the getting there
On the journey
From here to there
The blessing is in knowing You, LORD

We despise waiting
We loathe letting
We crave arrival
God wants us to wait, though!

The blessing is not in the getting
But in the unwrapping
The blessing is on the way there
As we stop and stare

Stare at what?
At You, God!

This is where it's at!
Lest we forget

The blessing is in the not having
The blessing is in the seeking
Blessed are those who are hungry
Who crave
Who wait
Blessed are the meek
Who expect but don't yet have!

This is what it's all about
Not the loud, not those who shout
But the quiet in the land
The unsuspecting
Oft forgetted

This is the blessing
In the not having
But craving
In the day to day waiting

Don't wait until your conflict is over
Unresolved discomfort
Is holy ground

This is the blessing
come, bow down
come, wait now
In quiet
never out-loud
Haven't arrived yet?
Go there now
In the unpacking
You will be happy

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