An Advocate

An Advocate
Joel Howard

In the halls of heaven
We have an advocate
Satan wanted everything
But You didn't permit it
"I'll have a remnant"
"She will be Mine"
You put me in, Coach
One last time
One last chance
The Bride is summoned
Esther awakes, arises, adorned
Esther awakes arises, goes forth

So in this hour
So in this day
Jesus is calling
Glory awaits
Esther, arise
Beloved, return
Satan says, "Guilty"
"court is adjurned"

But Abba, in His infinite
Love, He looks down
Oh what a scandal!
Says, "Give Her the crown"
"WHAT?" Says the devil
Hatred aflare
"How could You!?"
He grimaces, wobbles
and stares

"She is a murderer,
Liar and thief!"
"No, that is you, lucifer,"
"Give Her to Me"
One intervenes
One looking like a Lamb
Who had been slain
O Jesus, Great I AM

Satan shrieks,
As the battle is won
Jesus, the Victor
Grace, to Us
Us who forever
Have entered the door
One chance at heaven
One more, One more

Holy Spirit will help Her
Holy Spirit will guide
Until She is spotless
Pure, by His side
This is forgiveness
Our wounds to mend
This is redemption
Love without end

"Guilty" God pleaded
"Guilty indeed"
But His Son interceded
Now We have relief

For who would have thought it?
Who would have known?
That Majesty Most
Would step down from His throne!
Who would have seen it
Coming below?
We are forgiven!
By Grace alone
We are forgiven!
Bride, come, Let's Go!

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