Why we exist

Why we exist
Joel Howard

Ever ask why?
You and I?
Why you and I are here?
Reading Psalm 8
I found it clear:

God's glory is above the clouds
And babies sing out loud
For reasons none but this:
This is why we exist:

To shut Satan up
Him and all his minions
Who 'fore the earth was made
Proud heads did then raise

Instead of just shutting Satan up once
Which God could have certainly done
Sending him to Hades
The battle, won

God instead, made you and I
Now this is the reason why:

When you and I choose God
It ties Satan up in knots
When Father, I choose You
It makes Satan's worst dreams come true!

Psalm 2 depicts You laugh out loud
Why? In microcosm, your point abounds:

Satan can't and never will win
So every Christian time and again
Who chooses You in face of doubt
Gives Jesus the Champion the title bout
Gives Him one more thing to boast about
And one more zing for which Satan can pout
Forever in the flames of hell
Your faith and mine will in his brain re-tell
Grinding teeth and sulfered smell
Satan and his demons under this spell:

That God was not only right in heaven
True in reigning, true in dominion
God was also true on earth
Million times a million were birthed
Who chose the Maker, chose his Way
Chose his Savior, Jesus' name
Chose his Spirit, chose again
Even to death, chose him then

Satan grimaces, demons roar
That is what we're all here for

So which side of Science will you be on?
As God tests man - a million and one
Which side will you choose this day?
The road to hell, or the Jesus way?

Jesus in you would make his boast today
So Satan sweats a bit more, I say
Come with me, come and die
To all other loves, in Him confide

Who crafted every single life
Some for glory, some for destruction
But all for this single direction:
Squashing Satan's filthy pride
Each time we give God our eye

Join, O join the Jesus' side
Join, O join, in Him confide

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