I love you Abba, today

I love you Abba, today 
by joel howard

just because he hushes our mouth 
doesn't mean he doesn't love our voice
the peace that he brings in silence supersedes 
the whole of what I would say

if my silence speaks louder
and it is what you want
then my eyes would of you say 
"I love you Abba
I love you Abba, today" 

just because he slows us down
doesn't mean we're home now
the way he gets there is so much better 
than the path I would take

if my stopping takes me further
and it is what you want
then I'll stop here and say
"I love you Jesus
I love you Savior today"

just because he takes away
doesn't negate the gift he gave
the giving and taking is in me making 
a stronger faith today

if my emptying fills me fuller
and it is for you, God
then you may do what you want
"I trust you Holy Spirit
I trust you Holy Spirit, now"

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