That kind of man

That kind of man
by Joel Howard

"What is desired in a man is his steadfast love"
Proverbs 19:22a

What is a man?
What do we long for in a man?
Proverbs says 
It is not what he does
But the fact of him continuing on

What do we seek
In a human being?
What kind of leader
Do we appreciate?
The kind, here we find
Is the not-giving-up kind

You see
A man can speak
And fail
But what happens next?
This is what we seek:
A man can slip
And take another stride
This is what we'd find

A hero
Is not a polished, perfect
Helpful, helpless
Boring, basking
Know-it-all, loud mouth

A hero
Is a lowly man

A hero
I beg,
Is a poor, bold man

Poor enough to know
What all others know
Bold enough to go
Where no one else goes

So a man
Who triumphs through
Narrow ways, through
Narrow gates, through
Passageways that
Most won't take who've
Seen mistakes
Seen empty plates
Know what it takes
Fail, yet still awake
Run not from shame
Scorn it, instead
Jump out of bed
Perfection is ahead
Not in the bag
Chances are, we'll fail
But go anyway, again
This the kind of man
We would have in command
Not the perfect
But the steadfast
Not the blameless
But the honest
Not the biggest
But the bravest
Will you enlist?
I will. Come with

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