all the blood that can't

all the blood that can't
joel howard

All the dignity in the land
Covered with blood that can't
A reminder constantly
Of all we can't do and see

Pharaoh went to the Nile
In Pharaoh style
Moses let him know
Let my people go

Pharaoh said no
Moses said, Oh?
So God will cover the land
As a reminder that you can't

Futility in sight
Loss of delight
Give up the fight
All the blood that can't

Christ can
You can't
You and I 
In our style

Nothing matters
Unless Christ is our first
Put God first
Otherwise, life is the worst

The first plague in Pharaoh's day
Show us the way
As vessels, rivers
All, exhausted

Vexation station
Lack of cooperation
Gravity slams us down
Our head doesn't fit the crown

So the staff went down:
This blood won't do
But it will cover you
To remind you, too

Of all the blood that can't
All the blood that can't
See it fill the land?
All this blood, it can't

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