Patient Endurance: Anthology of Poetry, 2022

For 5 and a half years, Connected and Useful has been storing up God's word in creative form: 500+ songs, 200 scripture songs, 11 books and nearly 2,000 poems and articles: all to help the church of God stay fed! May this, our newest poetry anthology, give you courage and edify you as you yourself store up and stay strong in these evil days.

Some of Joel's favorite topics to write about are prayer, God as our Father, and waiting. Joel resides in New Jersey, USA with his wife and three children. He has either authored or edited 11 books of poetry to date which are all available at his Amazon author page. In addition to writing poetry, Joel has released four full length music albums as a songwriter and worship leader; “Here’s to the Journey“ (2010), “Shepherd Songs“ (2021), "Here we come" (2023), and "The Psalms, Vol. 1" (2023) which are each available wherever online music is sold or streamed. You may follow Joel at and at to stay more connected and you can find his complete works archived and updated regularly here at To contact Joel or to sign up for our email list and receive updates and weekly encouragement, please write connectedanduseful (at) gmail (dot) com or use the contact form on our home page.

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Here’s to the Journey (2010)
Shepherd Songs (2021)
Here we come (2023)
The Psalms, Vol. 1 (2023)

Patient Endurance [trailer]

Patient Endurance [new book teaser]

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