the lowly

the lowly
by Joel Howard

God's eye is on the lowly
On the widowed
On you and me
On the broken
On the needy
God's eye is on you and me

God's watch is for the poor
On the naked
On the sore
On the ones wicked men expose
On the homeless
And alone

God keeps track of little ones
On the carefree
Daughters, sons
On little children
On you and me
More than the sparrows
More than the sheep

God's touch is comfort to
Ones in debt
Ones who
Cannot break 
Out of their pit
God sees
All of it

God can't help
Defend the cast-down
Those who cannot
Help themselves
Those aware
Of their own poverty
God defends
You and me

Fret not
When you see
For you see
God's eyes 
Are looking for
Those like us
He will restore

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