Worth your weight in gold

Worth your weight in gold
by Joel Howard

"The precious sons of Zion
Worth their weight in fine gold..."
Lamentations 4:2a (ESV)

photo used by permission

If one pound of gold is worth
Twenty two thousand dollars
How much am I worth?

An 8 week old fetus
Is one ounce - That is 
Two thousand dollars in fine gold

When is the last time
You threw away 
Two thousand dollars?

So the folly
And utter cruelty
Of abortion, friend

A newborn baby is worth 
Two hundred thousand dollars
When she is born at nine pounds

How much more
Is she to God
Than money?

You and I at age 8
Are worth over
One million dollars

And that is just gold
O precious
Daughters of Zion!

An adult as I
Nearly five million
Dollars, child!

Christ died
to pay for us all
9 billion people
in this little world

Collectively we weigh enough
Christ would have to pay
2.64 Quintillion dollars
Us to purchase and save

But since he died 
For men from all time
That's 386 Quintillion dollars
We've ever been worth

To put it in perspective
The global GPD now is 
84 trillion dollars

How much did Christ pay
To win us from sin?
You and I 
His eyes, we're in!

Gold matters
It's the only matter
That can't be created
Precious, not replicated

Doesn't devalue with time
That, child
Is you 
Is I

One man's blood
One man's death
God, in our stead
We, good as dead

He alone bled
In our stead

Not money
Only His

For me
For you
Only He
He alone is worthy

Our worth - He
Only He
Who makes us worthy

O son of Zion
Precious child of Zion
Fine, fine gold
Wealth untold!

Curse at God's prize?
I'd rather cry
So love a child
Zion's gold

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