Deliberate disobedience

Deliberate disobedience
by Joel Howard

we deliberately disobey you
to your face
to your face

deliberately disobey
in this place
in this place

we finish your sentences
snap at your will
undermine your voice
undermine until

you say to us plainly
sternly to our face
"I want obedience"
"in this place"
"I want obedience"
sternly in face

O God you're saying
O God I hear
I see O my Father
What the key

If we would obey
It wouldn't be hard
Silence our mouths
Humble our hearts

Stop our injustices
Let you be God
Let your whole sentence
out of your mouth!

Stop interrupting
Stop the presumption
Father our faces
Need your humbling

I intercede
I come and bow
Father come hear us
Come heal us now

I can't excuse
God all we have done
But look upon Jesus
Upon the Son

Who learned his obedience
Through all he went through
Teach us, like Jesus
O God what to do

Repent, O repent
Church of the Lord
Forgive us, forgive us
Heavenly Father!
Forgive, O Forgive us
O Lord!

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