responsible and incapable

responsible and incapable
Joel Howard

Is not this leadership?
The duty and call of man:
To stand before our problems
And be overwhelmed by them?

To stand before our God
Incomplete, yet full
Having but lacking
Responsible and incapable?

Is this not the predicament we
Find ourselves in constantly?

God requires much
But knows we fall short
Knows without him
We are doomed for sure

God makes us ready
To with him do
What we alone
Could never pursue

The vexing of Solomon
The frustration of Jonah
The reality of Moses
The prison of Joseph

The chains of Paul
The bars of Samson
The caves of David
The doubt of Thomas

The shying back of Peter
Who said he would do
What Jesus knew
He never could pursue

The quietness in Mary
The submissiveness in Jesus
The blind faith of Abraham
And others who realized

I can't but He can
I won't but I stand
Upon grace again
Responsible and incapable

Believing yet needy
Willing but weak
Coming but leaning
Dark but lovely

Leading but submissive
Speaking but hearing
Going yet stopping
Only His way paving

Responsible and incapable;
Welcome to being human!

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