Just kindness

Just kindness
Joel Howard
"What is desired in a man is steadfast love" - Proverbs 19:22, ESV

This is it
Do you get it?
This is it
The purpose of man
The desire man
What's required of man
Just kindness

Far from me
To pass this by
What have I
If not kindness?

Grace be mine
To change my life
This one thing:
Just kindness

Steadfast love
Never giving up
To always look up

Imperfect, but brave
Selfless in faith
Unable to give up
Pushed down, I get up
Failing, but strong
Just kindness O God
Steadfastness, O God
Just kindness
Just kindness

From the depths of me
Steadfast love, you see
Just kindness
Just kindness

Not shallow, but deep
Always loving
And forgiving
Make me
Like Thee
Steadfastly loving
Kindness unending

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