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JJ's album is a vibrant, heart-pounding response to the pain, grief and trauma of our decade. His message reaches from the young or old person's prayer closet all the way to the packed-out concert venue, and everywhere in between. His work is beyond radio-quality and ought to be taken seriously at every level by today's Music Industry. Watch out!

JJ Beauvis is an energetic, prolific and multifaceted artist from PA, USA whose music cuts to the heart of a generation both in and out of the church. This album is a step in the right direction. JJ Beauvis is a singer and artist whose work needs to be heard. Somebody needs to sign this guy! JJ Beauvis comes at his craft with merciless commitment and dedication. He is an artist both artists and folks unfamiliar with music would do well to lean into. Beauvis is a modern-day prophet and Davidic worship leader, putting words to what our response ought to be to the trauma of life in the 2020's. Not to mention a talented Rock-star!

Beauvis' lyrics are just as genuine and high-quality as his musicality. Easy enough to be grasped by the teenager and cutting enough to move an older person. Again, his music reaches into a generation's heart and pens words that many have not thought to articulate as of yet. They would serve any audience at a crucial time such as ours. Yet, their entertaining quality fits them for any radio or concert venue looking to fill seats!

In Bring the Fire, JJ brings a punch of drumming, and the power of electric guitars likened to any great We the Kingdom song. In Deliver Me, we hear a Keith Green or Michael W Smith - type rock ballad which is both heartfelt, harmonious and appropriate for the dangers and wars of this age. Bring them Down takes the tone of an Elton John number whose lyrics make it also that of a modern-day Psalmist, with cutting vocals and a cry for Divine safety and protection to which we all can relate. In terms of quality, this album knocks it out of the park! Radio time and next-level production, watch out!

I recommend any booking venue and recording label take a serious second thought before overlooking the new and improved JJ Beauvis! By far my favorite song is Everlasting. This song takes a Mat Kearney hip-hop approach, not to mention some Spanish lyrics throughout - with more of a talk-verse feel. It is both creative and a must-listen. Move over, predictability! Not to mention, the vocals are beautiful.

- Joel Howard, Connected and Useful

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