Against all odds

Against all odds
Joel Howard

12 years of blood
A daughter good as dead
O Father we repent
We are as they

Cannot imagine
But we see
How the odds
Seem bleak

Our families
All need
Need Thee

So come and do
For us again
What you then Lord
Did for them

Jesus Christ
Son of David
Touch my land
Touch my nation

For God
So loved the world
Here we are 
Here we are

Register now
Church, your prayer
To God who sits
Listens up there

If he did it once
He can do
It for me
It for you

"Against all odds
Heal my land
Heal my church
Heal my land"

"Just maybe
If I touch
Christ's garment
It's enough"

Leaders, bow
Tell how
America, dead
Can rise somehow!

Christ, if you touch her
You'll revive her
Christ, come touch her
Now and forever

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