No Waste At All | Official Lyric Video | Joel Howard

I come to your feet with all of me everything I'm holding onto I let go of my plans - present and past everything I ever dreamed I'd be I've tasted of the goodness of who you are So I drop everything I have and run into your arms I waste my life for the sake of you Cuz its no waste at all - no waste at all I throw off all that holds me back And pour myself at your feet Cuz there's no place I'd rather be Jesus, you have all of me You have all of me Here at your feet Jesus you are my prize You are my life Your face is so beautiful to me And your love is like a mighty flame Rivers cannot wash it away Let all that once defined me fall Jesus set your seal upon my heart Let all I put my hope in burn Jesus be the reason that I live Fire of God - touch my heart Seal of Love - rest on me © 2003-2023 by Joel Howard. All rights reserved. Photo used by permission. No copyright infringement intended. For more visit Find | No Waste At All from the album Here's to the Journey wherever online music is sold or streamed. Stream song on Spotify Stream + download on Apple Music

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