Starting to say "Daddy"

Starting to say "Daddy"
by Joel Howard

I'm starting to call you Daddy
Starting to call you Friend
Not much else comes out
Not much here within
That encapsulates my fury
That encapsulates my fright
That I need to say, than Daddy
Then it all is alright

I'm starting to feel the weakness
Of constant childlike faith
I'm starting to feel much smaller
And feel that is okay
I'm starting to wear a smile
Underneath all my pain
For somehow in the messiness
I know You're leading me

I'm starting to just omit
Coming with my list of gains
Starting to feel more limited
And feel that is okay
Can You be here my Daddy?
Can You please help me quit
All of my pretending
All this guilt within

For not being someone I think
You think that I should be
When Daddy means I'm lovely
Even when I'm messy?
Even when I can't handle
One more drop of pain
One more drop from tearstained
Eyelids here within

My pain is like a heart
Throbbing deep within my soul
I'm desperate for You Lord
I'm desperate, I know
I need You more each hour
I need You more each day
And when I call you Daddy
I feel that is okay
So let me call You Daddy
From now on
From this day..

O let me call you Daddy
O Daddy here with me

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