Leaving the manger

Leaving the manger
by Joel Howard

Christ is there
So beware
Leaving the manger
Comes as a temptation
Fleeing the humble
Stumbling, we stumble
Right into trouble
When we would double
The portion he gave us
The place where he laid us
Planted and rooted us
There he has us

Leaving the manger
Comes with its dangers
So beware
If Christ is here
What is out there?
Though 8 billion people
Should issue an appeal
"Come! Spend the night!"
You should be afright
That fright would be right
For to leave the humble here
For the world out there

To leave for the better
The richer, the safer
The battle-ridden places
Is where God's face is
Mary and Joseph
Knelt - didn't know much
Just that "he told us"
That faith, came as a compass

Leaving the manger
We leave what is birthed there
Tending to weakness
Impressiveless - weakness
Richless - weakness
Popularless - weakness
Homeliness? Yes
Stick-to-it-ness? Yes
Thankfulness? Yes

Stay in the manger
John the Baptist did it
Mary and Joseph did it
Imperfect? Yes
Quick to submit? Yes
Jesus got big? Yes
Remember the danger
Of leaving this manger
Leaving your manger
This Christmas, go there

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