I RUN TO YOU :: official video :: Joel Howard

I run to You My Father My joy, my delight, my everything I run to You O God My Lover and my safe place My Maker and my Friend I run to You Thank You that I don't have to make things work That You have always loved me first Thank You that what You began You will complete That You’re committed more than me And I can lean upon the kindness that's in You It's true - You've created me to be your child Dependent on You And I know You're the Leader in this journey, O God The loving Shepherd of my soul Thank You that I don't have to see it all That You forgive me when I fall Thank You You're not offended by my weakness That You're committed to me in this And You know that I am passionate for You You're the Father, I'm the child You're the Potter, I'm the clay You are powerful, I'm helpless You are sovereign, I am blind I'm the sinner, You are mercy You have taken hold of me Your love has set my spirit free And all this for Your glory You have won my heart Now all I want is You © 2022 by Joel Howard. Song originally written in 2002, recorded for the first time in 2022. All rights reserved. Video used by permission. Find more from Joel at https://www.connectedanduseful.com

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