Good news or bad news?

Good news or bad news?
by Joel Howard

When someone comes with a message
That messenger brings the good or the bad
The recipient often asks
Is it good news or bad news?

Sometimes it's both
"give me the good news first"
the recipient often says
Is it good news or bad news?

David was anointed king
long before he sat on any throne
But the anointing
thrust him into royalty before God

"My son, I love you
You are loved"
So David sang songs
In the wilderness

This morning in the night
I am stirred in heart
I tucked my son in 
And held him in my arms

"I love you son
You are perfectly loved"
And I cast off all
Orphaned sighs

"Do not be deceived
You are loved
Every good and perfect gift
Comes from above"

Father is saying
To me at once,
"Son, remember
You are perfectly loved"

Is it good news or bad news?
This Christmas we see
No bad news
Did the angels bring

That night to the shepherds
Tending the sheep
And no bad news to us
Who would to him flee

Rush to the Savior
Rush to your Friend
To He who has covenanted
Without end

No strings attached
You are in his gaze
He favors you now
Favors you always

Jeremiah 29:11 says
I know the plans
Child, I know the plans

Favor, favored
Blessing, blessed
Long before we reign with Him
He anoints our heads

Do not be deceived
Don't live that way!
I hear him shout
I hear him pray

Faith comes first
Believe, you must
Holy Spirit deposits
Deep in us

Live lives rooted
Grounded, deep
Know the good news
As you wake or sleep

Christmas told us
The news its good!
World, he loves us!
World, he's good!

Faithful covenant
We've received
Go tell the news
The good news, bring!

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