News: Joel speaks at "Meet the author" event

News: Joel speaks at "Meet the author" event
October, 2022

Joel had an opportunity to speak at a "Meet the author" event recently where hundreds of young people got the chance to hear him read Be a Tree aloud as well as share his story.  The attendees will also receive a copy of the book.  In addition to hearing Joel's story, attendees learned about the publishing process, as well as listened to inspirational songs. 

Joel shares his journey and inspiration

Joel encourages young people to "sing when you're sad"

Joel sang a couple of inspirational songs

Joel reads aloud his book, Be a Tree

Joel's books

Joel and his family

Photos courtesy of S. Silva

"I really believe there was something special about this event," says Joel of the event. "There is a great need for young people to have a chance to be inspired in a day when so many are losing hope and losing heart."  One of Joel's messages that rang clear at the event was to keep singing when you are sad. "I could see myself doing more events like these," he says of the event. "To see music, drama, poetry and education all come together to help young people is a wonderful combination. I hope to do it more often, God willing."  

To learn more about Joel's books and music, click here to visit our resources page. Watch the Be a Tree read-aloud below:

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