God prepares a wilderness

God prepares a wilderness
by Joel Howard

Long ago in a land far away
God was preparing a wilderness place

Dry as a desert, famine awaits
Gone are the pleasures in this place

Far from our comforts, clear our mistakes
God has prepared a wilderness place

Full of suffering, tears and weights
Feeling our weakness in this place

Having no comfort to ease our pain
God has prepared a wilderness today

Rivers of mercy eagerly await
If we will rest in this wilderness place

Go there on purpose - silent, wait
God is waiting for you in this place

Hemming you in, alluring your face
Cannot wait for you in this place

Come, all who are thirsty, come and drink
The desert is not all that you think

For there you will find him - the suffering Lamb
Find the Redeemer, the Great I AM

Find the Messiah who suffered too
There you will find him - the only one who

Cares enough to see you through
In certain wildernesses made for you

Yes, there's a place 
Just for you

Go there, find him
He's waiting for you

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