Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel
by Joel Howard

Cain's name means gotten
Abel's means breath
To be and breathe
Versus getting
Rested Abel
Striving ceased
Cain, lost
Sad, angry

"Why the face?" God asked
"Why the anger " shepherded
God came to Cain
Before the rain
Before the rain
An open gate
Cain won't climb in

Getting, getting
Yet forgetting
Cain should read
Psalm 23: "Not lacking"
"Not wanting"
For this he 
Truly did need
This one thing
"To lack nothing"

Like Abel
A breath
Like Able
I breathe
God make me like he
His best, to bring

"If you do well
You'll be ok"
Jehovah came
To Cain, did say
"Your face will shine
If you are Mine"

God, make me Thine
Your friend, this time

Cain the getter
Yet forgetter
Abel the better
Simply the breather
Let me be there
Remind me hourly
To be holy
To breathe with Thee
Like Abel
Show me
How to breathe
Though murderers
My face would seek
Even brothers
Would hinder me

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