When we say "Keep me"

When we say "Keep me"
by Joel Howard

When we say "Keep me"
God bless you and "Keep you"
Do we know what we do?

We give permission
For God to hold
To draw us in
Keep us with him

Do we know what we are saying?
When we trust him in obeying?
We give him permission to
Hold the reins
Hold us when
Everything wants to give in
Everything would utter sins
Everything would lie again

Suffering, our dearest friend
Through him
God does win
Through him 
We enter in

Narrow gates
Make us great
Oft they seem
Of low esteem

But should we follow through in them
God would shape us
Deep within
Should we allow God to burn
Refine, restore, he will in time

So when you say "keep me"
Or bless your children: "Keep me"
You've signed away
Your rights to keep thee

You've forfeited your plan of independence
You've bound your weary soul to heaven
Good? O Yes!
You've given in to him
Good? O Yes
You've married heaven
Married the Lamb
Ever after

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